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Rama Trauma Trump is a remarkable and unique view of the inner world of an authoritarian group that reflects upon the similarities between a narcissistic pseudo-religious leader and President Trump. The information is vital, the wit is sharp and the illustrations are simply brilliant. I’m far too busy to read anything, but I picked it up immediately and couldn’t put it down. Brilliant, beautiful and unique.” –Jon Atack, author of Let’s Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky: Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology and Opening Minds: The Secret World of Manipulation, Undue Influence and Brainwashing.

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Rama Trauma Trump is the true story of a seventeen-year-old who joins a spiritual group that starts out cool but gradually, over years, turns abusive.  The young man leaves the group, tries to come to terms with the past, and years later is surprised to find that the larger culture looks an awful lot like the cult he had left.  Ultimately, Rama Trauma Trump is the story of friendship and loyalty which transcends the mind-bending power of charismatic leaders.

Rama Trauma Trump is a collaboration between two Vermonters, artist Marcie Vallette and Mark Laxer.  They are sharing Rama Trauma Trump as a free digital download because they believe bad things happen when good people do nothing.  They feel the nation is in danger.  “Please download and share the book,” they ask. “And above all, please vote.”

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We wish to acknowledge our work and friendship with cult educator Gerette Buglion, author of upcoming book An Everyday Cult

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Question to the authors: “Why are you doing this?”

Answer: “Bad things happen when good people do nothing.”