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August, 2020

Outer Rim Press, LLC


MONTPELIER, VERMONT: Writer Mark Laxer and illustrator Marcie Vallette present the release of their free 32-page downloadable graphic novel, Rama Trauma Trump, I Left the Cult and Now Look What Happened. Rama Trauma Trump is the true story of a seventeen-year-old who joins a spiritual group that starts out cool but gradually, over years, turns abusive. The young man leaves the group, tries to come to terms with the past, and years later is surprised to find that the larger culture looks an awful lot like the cult he had left. Ultimately, Rama Trauma Trump is the story of friendship and loyalty, which transcends the mind-bending power of charismatic leaders.

Rama Trauma Trump is a collaboration between two Vermonters, artist Marcie Vallette and author and proprietor of Outer Rim Press, Mark Laxer. “We hope to draw attention to the dynamics being played out in our nation,” says Laxer. They are sharing Rama Trauma Trump as a free digital download because they believe bad things happen when good people do nothing. “Please download and share the book,” they ask. “And above all, please vote.”

This picture book is a free pdf download available at A print on demand paperback magazine-style book will be available for a price, please see the website for details.

Feel free to use our images, more are coming. Contact us if you would like higher res images.

Cover design of Rama Trauma Trump: I Left the Cult and Now Look What Happened.
In California, Atmananda announced that he’d transformed into Rama, the reincarnation of a Hindu God.

Rama tells his disciples to break ties with family and friends in order to evolve more fully.
Rama’s drug trip is quite revealing to Mark.
Rama’s followers put posters up in every city in California.